Vegetable Gardening

vegetable gardening

Vegetable Gardens of any size can be a great hobby

vegetable gardening

To get the most out of your vegetable garden the best way to start is to plan out on paper what vegetables you want to plant.  Next you need to decide if you would like to start your vegetable garden from seeds or from seedlings from a nursery. 

*Gardening Tips – There are a lot of gardening catalogues available online, by mail order and at your local nursery, they can give you a lot of information and ideas for your garden

Before you make your final decisions on what vegetables or flowers you would like in your garden it’s best to write out your ideas on paper starting with the dimensions of your garden.  I usually do this with graph paper – one square being equal to one square foot or in the case of a smaller garden such as container gardening one square would be equal to one inch. 

After you draw out the basic outline following the guidelines for spacing start mapping out your vegetable garden!

A few things to remember when you’re doing this as well is to look at companion gardening, some vegetables and flowers compliment each other when they are planted together.  A good example of this is planning tomatoes plants near marigolds.  There are more examples in the article on companion plants.

Next you need to look at the height of what you’re growing in comparison to the direction that your garden will get the most sun.  You won’t want to plant your smaller plants in the shade of taller plants.  

Now you have the basics to sit down and design your vegetable garden!

vegetable gardening


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