Too Many Tomatoes

Too Many Tomatoes

A great idea when you have too many tomatoes, or any other vegetables from your garden.

too many tomatoes

It's a great feeling when your garden gives you too many tomatoes (or other vegetables for that matter), but what do you do with them all when you have given away all you can to your friends, family and neighbours.

One of the greatest joys from gardening is being able to enjoy the freshness of having fresh vegetables, when you have an abundance of any crop a great idea is to share with your community.

A great place to start is the food bank, fresh vegetables and fruits on a budget can be difficult, and having volunteered at a food bank I can tell you that there is something very special for both the giver and the receiver! Some other places that you can offer your abundance of tomatoes to could be shelters, half-way houses, battered women's shelters and even your local churches or community centres may be able to steer you in the right direction of where your donation would be appreciated.

The next time you find people hiding when you walk towards them with yet another basket of fresh vegetables, take the time to donate your "too many tomatoes" with your community.

Too Many Tomatoes


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