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tomato blight

Tomato Blight

tomato blight

How to prevent tomato blight in your garden

You plant your tomato in your vegetable garden, water them, tend to them and watch them grow, until one day for no apparent reason you notice that tomato blight has struck and your left with rotten tomatoes!  Here are a few gardening tips to avoid this happening to your tomatoes.

Tomato blight will attack tomatoes and kill the plants almost before you even realize there is a problem.  The disease starts at the root level in the soil and work the way up the tomato plant.  Before long the tomato plant will have brownish black spots covering the leaves causing them to fall of your plant.  Before long you have rotten tomatoes with the same brown black spots.

When you buy tomato plants or seeds try to buy ones that have a higher tolerance.  Try not to plant a tomato crop in the same spot from where they were planted the year before.  Along those lines when you do remove the tomato plants from your garden throw them away rather than digging them into the soil or putting them into the compost. 

Remember to keep your tomato vines off the ground, giving the plants circulation and allowing them to dry is a good preventative measure.  Pinch off the bottom leaves and remember to destroy any orphan plants that may grow in the compost or around the plants you are growing.  Water your plants in the morning so they have time during the day to dry.  Also, keep in mind that you can be a carrier so when you work with the soil around tomato plants the spores can be carried to the healthy plants.  Space your plants far enough apart, about 3 feet, so that when they are mature they will still have air flow between the plants. 

If you have had problems in the past with Tomato Blight you can also spray the plants with a copper compound mixture but this must be done before there is any evidence on the tomato plants.  If your tomato plants are already infected with Tomato Blight then you can use a variety of chemical compounds to try to fight the blight.

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