Rose Varieties

Rose Varieties

A rose is just a rose.. isn't it ?

Rose Varieties

Roses are a flower that seem to have a mystical element to them.  With their vibrant, glossy leaved flowers, but how do you chose what rose varieties would be right for your flower garden.

If the idea of what rose varieties you should have sets your mind spinning, this article will break down the most common types of rose varieties which will make shopping and caring for your roses much easier.

Hybrid Tea:  this is one of the most popular types of roses.  Hybrid Tea varieties have been cultivated to have a long thick stem and long narrow buds which develop into delicate flowers with many pedals.  Their aroma ranges from unscented to very aromatic.  Colors range from white to deep red.  The only two colors that have not yet been available are black and blue, they are being worked on however and currently there is a variety that is a very deep red that is quite stunning.  Some popular hybrid teas include:  Chrysler Imperial, Mr. Lincoln and Double Delight.

Floribundas:  are fairly disease resistant, all purpose variety of roses.  The plant resembles the hybrid tea but has more flowers.  The flowers are smaller and grow mainly in clusters containing single, semi or double petals.  They are very often fragrant flowers.  In general they are less finicky than the hybrid teas, requiring less fertilizer, pruning and watering.  The polyanta variety is similar to the floribundas.  They look very appealing planted in large groups along a wall or bordering a walkway.

Grandfloras:  are larger shrubs and work well as background plants, they can grow as tall as 10 feet.  They produce great clusters of delicately shaped, often double flowers and because they have long stems they are suitable for cutting.  Grandifloras are disease resistant and grow rather quickly which means that they typically require pruning.

Shrub roses (Rugosas):  other than certain varieties these tend to be sturdy enough to survive rugged winters.  These are also disease resistant variety of roses and are low maintenance.  They are great for planting along hedges.  Pruning is minimal, requiring the dead wood to be cut out in the spring.  They produce usually once either in spring or early summer, although some varieties last all summer.  The term climbing is somewhat misleading since they do not necessarily wrap themselves around their support you put up, each cane must be tied.  If it is not supported in some way the bush becomes rather messy looking and untidy.  They can grow between 7 – 15 feet.  Flowers are usually clustered and do not make a very good cut flower.

*Gardening tip:  When fastening the cane, try to run the cane horizontally as much as possible (rather than vertically) this will produce more roses.

The rose varieties above are the common varieties that can be found in most garden shops, there are many, many different rose varieties that you can chose from but this gives a basic idea of some of the choices. 

Rose Varieties


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