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garden tools

A simple list of the basic garden tools you should have


As a garden enthusiast putting together the garden tools you need it is easy to get carried away by the huge variety of gardening gadgets.  There are really only a handful of garden tools you need to start planning a successful garden.  A couple of shovels, a rake, a garden hoe and a trowel is sufficient.  Outlined below are some of the basic things I look for when buying new tools.

Shovels:  This is one garden tool you don't want to be without. When digging over the garden a rounded shovel is easier to work with.  Be sure to get one that is built fairly well and if it has a wood handle that won’t splinter.  The second shovel that you should have in your gardening tool is a spade. 

A metal rake for leveling out your garden as well as clearing out debris and rocks when you are preparing your garden is a huge timesaver and one of my essential garden tools. 

A small trowel is always handy for planting your vegetable garden and for upkeep because it is small enough it doesn’t interfere with the roots of the plants. 

Garden Hoes are used mostly for weeding but you can also use it to loosen up the soil and make it easier to dig the ground with a shovel. 

The list of garden tools above is what I consider the essentials.  However there are other tools that I like to keep mostly for convenience sake such as garden gloves, a small hand rake, a bulb planter, and garden clippers or scissors.

If you garden is in a smaller space or if you have a container garden a watering can is an excellent investment. 

Keeping your garden tools in good condition so last a long time and are ready for you to use when you need them is important, the easiest way to keep the metal of your tools rust free is by spraying them with a cooking spray or using a vegetable oil and wipe them down after you use them. 

Now you have the basics to sit down and design your vegetable garden!

garden tools


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