funeral flower arrangement ideas

funeral flower arrangement ideas

funeral flower arrangment ideas

Getting funeral flower arrangement ideas can be more than just picking up the phone and sending flowers. This isn't to minimize sending flowers as condolences to family, friends and loved ones, athough more and more are moving away from having many flowers in lieu of a donation to a certain charity or cause that they would like.

Like almost any other ceremony there is a lot of history and tradition behind it, sometimes having a bit of a background will help in funeral flower arrangement ideas. It seems that funeral rites that include flowers have been in practice for hundreds and hundreds of years, some of the burial sites that have been dug up have traces of pollen which is a very strong indicator that bodies were buried with fresh flowers.

The type of funeral flower arrangement ideas you choose will depend on your relationship with the person and the type of funeral being held. It is also a good idea to find out if there are any cultural aspects that you don't want to overlook. Another funeral flower arrangement idea is that traditionally white and purple colors are used often. (especially in western cultures). The purple and gold stand for life and death. White and purple lilies are commonly used in funeral flower arrangments.

Make sure you attach a sympathy card is attached. A message or poem is a nice long lasting tribute to the deceased family along with your funeral flower arrangement.

Funeral floral wreaths or crosses are typically a formal sympathy rememberance and usually given by family, friends, business associates or organizations.

Floral lid arrangements or casket covers are typically given by family members.

Living plants are not typically a common choice for funerals, although if you prefer to send this type to the nursing home or hospital instead of to the funeral is another option.

Flower arrangements are appropriate for anyone to send.

Sending funeral flower arrangements as a group from work or social gathering etc is aslo fine. Sending one larger arrangement instead of multiple smaller flower arrangements.

As far as funeral flower colors, they may be subdued (typically white and pale pastels) to show respect and sympathy or a bright mix of colors if that reflects better as a remembrance to the deceased. Don't worry too much about the meaning or colors of the arrangement, just chose something you find appropriate. Keep in mind that some flowers may not be in season or unavailable, if you have some idea however the florist should be able to help you get a similar substitute.

Most religions find it an appropriate gesture to send flowers, if you are unsure if your funeral flower arrangement ideas are appropriate don't hesitate to call a local florist or religious leader to ask their advice.

Before you call the florist with your funeral flower arrangement ideas make sure you have the address of where to send the flower arrangement as well as have a basic idea of what your budget will be.

funeral flower arrangement ideas


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