Flower Bulbs

Flower Bulbs

Early Fall months is the best time for planting flower bulbs in the garden.

flower bulbs

If you plant them in September or October, well before winter frost sets in, it will give your flower bulbs a chance to become well rooted. 

Be sure to make sure that the choices you make for flower bulbs in your garden can be planted in the fall.  There are some flower bulbs that need to be planted in the spring, and some in the summer time.  If you enjoy a variety of flowers year round it is always nice to have a variety of bulbs planted for all the seasons.  Flowering bulbs are usually a first sign that spring is coming and a very welcome sight especially after a long winter.

When you are planting your bulbs keep the same rules as with planting a garden, you want the shorter flowers where they won’t be hidden from the sun.  Most flowering bulbs thrive on sunshine.  Mix taller plants together by color and variety, daffodils and tulips are a beautiful combination.  You can choose to go with one color or go with a variety.  When planting your flower bulbs it’s a good idea to place them on the soil with a marker (popsicle sticks with the variety and color in black marker works well) to get the distances between the bulbs and to be sure you don’t plant multiple bulbs in the same place. 

Flower bulbs need to be planted deeper than seeds.  This can be done by either purchasing a bulb planter or making sure that the flower bulbs are 8 - 12 inches below the soil.  The exception to this is dependent on the soil you have as well, in soil that is denser or has a high clay content you can plant them a little less deep, or better still add some peat moss or compost to the soil that you have dug out to plant the bulb. 

Flower bulbs are perennials, so once you plant them you can enjoy their beauty for a few years.  When your flowers die be sure to pinch off the dying bloom so it doesn’t take nutrients that could be better spent going into the flower bulb for the following year. 

Flower Bulbs


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