Container Garden

Container Garden

Container gardening will provide a gardener with the joy of having a garden; You may be restricted by space, time or have a patio or a smaller space that you would like to fill with color, having a container garden will be a great choice.

container garden

Container gardening can also be a wonderful way to introduce kids to gardening at any age. 

When planting your container garden here are some gardening tips to help you along:

Size of container – any size of container for your garden will work well if you remember to plant accordingly.  Avoid narrow openings  It is a good idea not to have too small of a container or the roots will become restricted and stunt growth of your plants.  Some plants can get tall and you don’t want to have them falling over so if you are going to plant a sunflowers or tomatoes plant them in a heavier or wider container to compensate for the height. 

Material – if you choose a wood container it is preferable that you go with redwood or cedar, both being fairly resistant woods that won’t break down as quickly.  Clay pots are very porous and tend to soak up the water quickly around the outside of the pot.  For hanging baskets line the container with sphagnum moss for water retention and avoid them being in direct sunlight in the afternoon sun. 

Drainage – make sure that there is holes in the bottom of your containers that will allow for drainage.  If you buy containers without any holes, it is well worth the time to drill some to allow for water to drain and not allow your plant roots to rot.  If your containers are on a flat surface raise them up half an inch with bricks or blocks, just enough to allow the water to drain. 

Soil – for smaller containers the easiest is to buy potting soil, there is less weeds and a lighter soil for air flow.  Soil from your compost is also a great option for your container garden. 

Fertilizing – Fertilize plants with no more than the recommended amount of a water – soluble fertilizer every two to three weeks, because container gardens doing have the amount of soil as a large garden over fertilizing can result I burning or killing your plants.

Keep your container garden well watered, fertilized and ensuring that it has the right amount of sunlight/shade and you will enjoy a beautiful miniature garden.

container garden


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