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gardening tips and tools

Welcome to the Gardening Tips and Tools site.

gardening tips and tools

A variety of gardening tips for both beginner and experienced gardeners.

The wonderful thing about gardening is it has many different purposes. Whether you use your gardening hobby for recreation or for a functional purpose you will find a lot of gardening tips here to help you to achieve your goals. Gardening has a personal touch to whatever you choose to do, some prefer to just have flower gardens and some just a vegetable garden - and some prefer to mix them all together.

When I was growing up my grandmother had a garden that was straight raised rows, each year the crop was rotated to provide for better growth for the plants, never - ever was there a single flower within the garden. It was a very orderly garden and provided our family with a great variety of fresh vegetables and herbs through the summer. Each crop ripening usually at different times and our family having the fill of some of the bumper crops. Zuccini is a wonderful vegetable but there are only so many ways it can be cooked creatively. Friends and Family also shared vegetables and fruits that were grown. Seeds were stored in a dry place for the following year - and the special ones were shared the following year.

There are also competitions to enter, fairs to show off your freshly grown crops, enter those jams made from fresh fuits and even to show what you have done with your garden space. For some the garden is a more personal space, a place that you can just sit and enjoy. Endless hours can be spent in a garden - not only with the work, but more importantly with the joy that a garden brings.

Planning or designing your garden can be done easily with the right tools. Your gardening plans can involve anything from larger scale vegetable gardening or flower gardening to raised bed gardening or on an even smaller idea such as container gardening..

Whether this is your first gardening experience or you have had gardens before and are looking for new ideas gardening tips will show you how to take care of different types of flowers, herbs and vegetables from seeds to mature plants.

Gardening is an art and involves planning, design and upkeep to grow a healthy, abundant garden. Before you start your garden you want to look at all the factors such as the purpose of your garden, existing conditions (climate and soil type), financial constraints and how much time you have to mantain your garden.

gardening tips and tools


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